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The Full Security Fencing Package

So you need a security system that couples the sting of an electric fence with the passive barricade of a barrier fence? Then you now know that ElectroMesh is the perfect solution for your security needs. But the fence is only the first step in a state-of-the-art security package. For the full measure of our security system you require effective monitoring and electronics that are compatible with your ElectroMesh fence.

Electric Fence Energisers

Only the best energisers are used to power the electric currents in ElectroMesh fences. By sending powerful voltage down your fence, our energisers turn your fence into powerful deterrents. With customisable voltage, and the ability to identify faults and breaches, our energisers are also able to remotely turn off and on the fence’s pulse, allowing easy maintenance and repair.

Our energisers essentially come with an adaptable 3-way monitoring system that may monitor the fence through either low-voltage monitoring, high-voltage monitoring or earth monitoring.

Our energisers are also exceptionally easy to use, fulfill all the necessary safety requirements, and are built with a smart aesthetic style.

Energisers can also incorporate a number of different features:

  • A detailed monitor system with necessary data displays
  • Low Voltage Monitoring
  • Gate monitors
  • Armed response adaptation
  • Earth monitoring
  • Multi zone pulses and zone monitoring
  • Battery backup
  • Siren compatibility
  • Remote control operation
  • Animal and livestock control
  • Perimeter software for use on PC
  • SMS notification
  • Ground detection
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Strobe light activation
  • Wireless adaptability
  • High level interface for management of multiple sites

We use the following Stafix supplied products:

  • JVA Z28 Energiser
  • JVA ZM20 Energiser
  • JVA Perimeter Patrol Software
  • JVA GSM Communication Module
  • JVA ZLM4 Low Voltage Monitoring Energiser
  • JVA Vibration Detection Unit
  • JVA Wireless Communication System

Along with a number of other electronics and monitoring options, ElectroMesh can formulate a complete turn-key security package to fulfill all your security needs.

Stafix Electric Fence & Security

We are a proud supporter and user of Stafix monitoring and electronic systems. All of our Stafix installations are completely compatible with ElectroMesh’s cutting-edge electrified barrier fences.

Stafix is regarded as a leader in international security systems, and their monitoring and electronic products remain unparalleled in every respect.

Secure your property, secure your assets and secure yourself. Make sure that you use ElectroMesh and our aforementioned electronic and monitoring systems.

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