Electrified Barrier Fencing

What is an ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence?

It is a 4mm galvanized and welded steel mesh fence suffused by an electrified high or low voltage charge and ribbed by UV-protected insulators; the most potent barrier and security measure that can perform a number of functions.

What makes our electric fence so ground-breaking is that it is built within the frame of a robust and heavy-duty barrier fence. The barrier provides the traditional security of a barrier obstacle, restricting unwanted movement by both trespassers and animals, while the electrified charge can dissuade the most determined of intruders.

Why should I choose ElectroMesh electrified barrier fences?

Simply put: It is the most impressive security barricade system on the market. A culmination of effective electrified fencing and robust barrier fencing combines two conventional and trusted security systems into one unique and fully-functional security setup.

By combining the two systems ElectroMesh can drastically cut your costs. When you use ElectroMesh, you can put all your trust in a single source for barrier and electric fence supply, fence installation and fence maintenance. When you would commonly have to rely on two separate entities for your security needs, you now have the opportunity to rely on one diligent and determined team. There are fewer components and it takes less time to install, all resulting in less emphasis on your wallet and more emphasis on your security.

Maintaining the ElectroMesh electrified security fence could not be easier. The galvanized steel frame is light, allowing rapid installation. The components are also easily repaired and the fence requires very little long-term maintenance. Combined with state-of-the-art monitoring electronics, options that include anti-burrowing and job-specific modifications, as well as rental and maintenance services, ElectroMesh is your one-stop source for security and safety peace-of-mind.

Where can an ElectroMesh fence be used?

ElectroMesh barrier electric fences can be used in a number of capacities. Having the option of electrifying and monitoring certain zones and boundaries, as well as being able to adapt and coalesce with an existing boundary wall, means that ElectroMesh can be used in a multitude of locales.

  • ElectroMesh is perfectly suited to protect industrial sites and factories, as well as those properties still under construction.
  • ElectroMesh security fences are the absolute answer to corporate and commercial security Can be perfectly adapted for use in office parks, ensuring the protection of all precious assets.
  • The ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence also excels at providing the housing estate with the best security. In addition to homes, the fence can also be used on boundaries of parks, shopping malls, schools, and sports fields.
  • The ElectroMesh fence can be used to stop trespassing on the sites of mines. The most valuable industry in South Africa deserves superior protection, which ElectroMesh can provide.
  • ElectroMesh is the leading boundary barricade for farms, game-farms and animal reserves. A low voltage fence is safe for animals, but also restricts access from would-be trespassers. When used with our monitoring systems, ElectroMesh can provide you with details such as where the fence has been cut, or where burrowing is taking place.

You want to get technical?

Are you looking for technical data on our ElectroMesh fences? Look no further:

  • Panels: 4mm Welded Mesh
  • Panels: Galvanized
  • Panel Lengths: 2.4m and 3m
  • Panel Height: 12 x 200mm
  • Standard Fence Height: 2.4 m
  • Weight: Approximately 17 Tons per Kilometer
  • Intermediates: 38 x 38mm Galvanized
  • Corner Posts: 76 x 76mm Galvanized
  • Wire: Stainless Steel
  • Insulators: UV Protected


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