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ElectroMesh is at the forefront of development in the field of electric fencing. Our innovative electric fences are revolutionary because they combine the venomous defence of an electric fence with the passive barricade of a barrier fence. ElectroMesh is able to retrofit and customise the installation to fit any of your requirements. We are experienced and skilled in ElectroMesh electric fencing installation and the provision of electric fencing supplies. Our team of experts are also on-hand to assist you with any ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance and electric fence repairs.

 ElectroMesh fences allow you to cut costs. By combining both the passive barrier fence, as well as electric fences, you essentially save money on what would normally be two separate installations. ElectroMesh is also solely responsible for the manufacturing as well as installation of the fence system, saving you time too. Now isn’t that neat!

Our ElectroMesh system may be modern, but it is also applicable for current commercial and industrial security requirements. Our fences are reliable and robust, giving you peace-of-mind and the knowledge that your assets are safely guarded.

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Perimeter Security Fencing

The perimeter fencing can be zoned for managing larger estates, identifying the exact area where any tampering could be taking place. It can be linked to a control room for monitoring or direct to your alarm company.

Low Maintenance

ElectroMesh systems require very low maintenance as the clips, square tubing and welded mesh panels are all hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion, while all insulators that hold the electric wires are UV protected.


The ElectroMesh barrier system is compatible with most current electronic systems and can be monitored by your existing alarm company.