About Us

Why should you trust ElectroMesh?

ElectroMesh is not just any ordinary electric fence company. Apart from the innovative and outstanding ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence, the team behind the name is what really make this an exceptional product.

Garrick Pullen: Founder/Director

ElectroMesh was designed, developed and built by Garrick Pullen. Being the founder and director you can safely assume that he has some experience in the field. Garrick has been in the security business for more than 15 years, involved in the installation and maintenance of electric fences, before moving on to numerous managerial positions within the trade. Garrick used his role to become an esteemed name in the business, building a portfolio of trusting clients and colleagues through which he focused on harnessing strong and practically built relationships. Being a skilled and experienced project manager for many years, Garrick then took the initiative to build the ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence.

Garrick performs a number of roles within ElectroMesh. Being the Director he is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the business as well as managing current as well as future projects. Garrick also assists in sales as well as the development and growth of relations toward new and existing clients.


Richard Smith: Operations Manager/Sales

Richard is who can be considered a man-of-all-work. Richard has been involved in a number of fields, from industrial to corporate, participating more often than not in a managerial capacity. He has a keen eye for opportunity and is an astute businessman in all respects. Being either a sales manager, project manager or operations manager for more than 30 years has given Richard the experience needed to spearhead the operations, sales and marketing pitch for ElectroMesh.

Shadrick Tsololo: Installation/Maintenance Expert

When crafting and installing the most cutting-edge electric fence in the market, ElectroMesh relies on some of the most experienced hands in the trade. Shadrick has been working alongside Garrick for the past 14 years and is a hard-worker on the job and a true craftsman at heart. Calling upon years of maintenance and installation expertise, Shadrick will ensure that your ElectroMesh fence operates better than any other electric fence and/or barrier.



ElectroMesh is an innovative company as well as an innovative electrified barrier fence system. For a company that thirsts for success we are committed to long term growth. Being the best in the business, forging long-standing commitments and relationships with existing clients, and continually finding new partners will not only drive growth, but will make ElectroMesh a household name when it comes to industrial, farming, mining and recreational security solutions.