Why You Need More Than Electric Fences in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is, without a doubt, the crime capital in South Africa. South Africa, in turn, is the crime capital of the world. Our crime rate is so high that it actually has a serious detrimental effect on our country’s democracy index rating and the human development index rating. With crime in Johannesburg so rampant, homeowners and business owners settle on a number of security devices that help them ensure the safety and security of their homes. One such device is that of the electric fence. Electric fences in Johannesburg almost come standard on a lot of of property boundaries, but here’s why you need something stronger than just electric fences in Johannesburg.

  • Criminals know how to bypass electric fences in Johannesburg. They know all the tricks, and have all the tools, in the trade. From using rubber mats, digging through walls, or just immobilizing the electric fence, South African criminals require something a little firmer than a standard electric fence.
  • Criminals are not as likely to use property boundaries and perimeters to gain access to properties. Criminals are more likely to use the front gate and attack property owners while entering or exiting their property.
  • Electric fences in Johannesburg are not a comprehensive security feature. They often rely on a fence or wall to provide the physical barrier and rigidity, and they can easily be cut through, leaving property owners unaware as to whether it is a fence fault or an act of crime.

Make sure that your business or your home is securely protected by an all-encompassing security feature like that of an ElecroMesh electrified barrier fence system. Our electrified barrier fence is not like standard electric fences in Johannesburg. They’re stronger (4mm galvanized steel fence) and they have the venomous sting of the standard electric fence (low or high voltage options). Forget about electric fences in Johannesburg. Contact ElectroMesh and benefit from superior protection.

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