What Makes ElectroMesh The Best?

So some may be thinking; why ElectroMesh? Why can’t I just use any other electric fence manufacturer in Johannesburg or the rest of South Africa for that matter? What makes ElectroMesh a superior electrified barrier fence, and why is ElectroMesh the preferred electric fence supplier?

Well, fortunately, we have a few reasons for these pertinent questions.

For those who don’t know what an ElectroMesh fence is, here’s the just of it: ElectroMesh is a barrier deterrent that combines the typical meshed barrier fence with the impeding force of an electric fence. And that is probably the number one reason for your choosing ElectroMesh. The fence provides two basic security function with a single application.

This means that your assets will stay firmly guarded, but it will also save you precious time and money. Installing a single ElectroMesh fence will be significantly quicker than installing a barrier fence and then installing a separate electric fence. It will also be considerably quicker to install one, rather than two, fences.

Speaking of speed, the ElectroMesh manages to put up their electrified barrier fence in very short time. By digging the trench, establishing the foundations, and then installing the uprights, it is just a matter of applying the panels to their intended spaces along the border of the foundations.

What’s that? After sales and support? Well you’re in luck, buddy. ElectroMesh can offer a customized maintenance schedule as well as offer a rent-to-own payment scheme, so even if you can’t afford the ElectroMesh fence upfront, you can rest assured that you’ll be protected anyway. ElectroMesh also uses the best electronics that work in conjunction with your ElectroMesh fence. These electronics will help you monitor the fence and your property, notifying you what is happening along your perimeter and where it is happening.

Make sure that you use ElectroMesh. There is only one electrified barrier fence manufacturer that will help you mesh it up, instead of mess it up. Contact us today.

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