What Makes A Criminal?

Crime in South Africa is rife! Some criminals are opportunists, operating as criminals due to their nature to not comply to the norms of society. These criminals are often suffering from psychological issues. However most criminals often find themselves pursuing a life of crime due to circumstance.

With so much crime in South Africa it is important to ask, what makes a criminal in South Africa?

  • South Africa suffers from incredible levels of poverty. With the number of jobs available to a working age adult male diminishing by the day, the traditional ‘bread-winner’ has to find alternative forms of income when without a job. With over 11% of South Africans living in extreme poverty, many of these people use crime just to get food on the table.
  • Minimum wage jobs often require South African’s to hold at least a grade 10 school certificate, but those families that suffer from poverty often expect children to quit school before this stage to help with domestic activities. This means that even the most basic employment opportunity is unavailable. Therefore the lack of education plays a large role in the creation of a criminal and crime in South Africa.
  • The impact that peers play in the societal functions of an individual are significant. Many South African’s are born in households and societies that are actively involved in gang-life and crime. In this case it is easy for the individual to do as family or friends do, and contribute to crime in South Africa.
  • South Africans have easy access to illegal firearms, largely due to the high volumes of firearms that are traded on the continent at large. Handguns and rifles (like the distinctive AK47) are brought to South Africa through black markets where they are traded for very little money, making the tools of the crime business available to anyone and everyone who sees crime as a way of making easy money.

These are just a few of the societal causes of crime in South Africa. The state, both society and the government, will need to tackle each factor if they hope to eliminate or at least reduce crime in the country. South African’s must ensure that they properly protect their assets and livelihoods if they do not want to land victim to crime. Make sure you safeguard your property by installing an electrified barrier fence. Contact ElectroMesh today for more information on our perimeter security systems.

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