Terrorism in South Africa: Are We Vulnerable?

After recent events abroad it seems as though all countries have hurried to protect their borders as well as their societies from the indiscriminate violence perpetrated by religious and militant extremists. Terrorism is a method of achieving political goals, and it is an act of violence mainly directed toward the public. Terrorism can come in the form of indiscriminate killings from use of firearms and blunt or sharp instruments, bombings from remotely controlled triggers or even suicide triggered explosives.

Because of the increase of terrorism globally, there is also an increase in the likeliness of terrorism in South Africa. But South Africa has been relatively safe as of yet, and South Africans regard terrorism as a political militant activity that exists very far from our borders. However, it is time we readjust our outlook regarding terrorism in South Africa, because if experts are to be believed, we are indeed vulnerable.

  • There is an increased likeliness of terrorism in South Africa because of South Africa’s harbouring and protection of Western interests. South Africa may have close ties with neutral powers like China, but we have an incredibly beneficial and cordial relationship with the United States, increasing the chances of a domestic terrorist attack.
  • Terrorism in South Africa is a possibility because of the number of terrorist sympathisers, radical religious minority organisations, organisations that are possibly funding religious extremists, and the perceived presence of terrorist ‘training camps’. Because of the above we have jumped 100 places up the International Terrorism Index, putting us as the 48th most ‘at risk’ country in the world.
  • Our place in a continent that is rife with instability and extremism¬†also makes terrorism in South Africa a possibility. Our ‘dealings’ with other African states could make South Africa a target for radical groups like al-Shabaab and Boko Haram.

It is important that terrorism in South Africa is made difficult to carry-out and conduct, and this can only be done by deterring it with safety measures and infrastructure. A society that is constantly aware of the dangers of crime and terrorism, an adept police-force, and security measures like private security firms, surveillance and electrified barrier fences all assist in making South Africa a terrorist-free community. If you require the finest security measure to restrict access to and from your property, then make sure you invest in ElectroMesh, South Africa’s outstanding electrified barrier fence company. Contact us today!

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