South African Crime Trends

South Africa is a haven for crime and civil misdemeanors. The country’s socio-political and economic climate has allowed many to live a life of crime where they can steal and pillage their way to a source of income almost unchallenged. There is believed to be more than 700 residential burglaries everyday. This horrific statistic is only compounded by the fact that there are additionally more that 200 business burglaries per day. What is particularly scary is that these robberies are usually aggravated, and marred by physical violence and the use of firearms and other weapons.

There are a few South African crime trends, techniques that criminals use everyday in order for them to take that which is dear to you, the victim. Make sure that you know these techniques and trends so that you may be able to proactively react to South African crime before it is allowed to take place.

  • “Marking” homes and businesses for robberies is still a frequently occurring strategy that criminals use in South Africa. It’s a cheap and easy way of allowing crime bosses to ‘hit’ potentially weak or unprotected homes and businesses, with ‘scouts’ pinpointing specific weaknesses. Make sure that you regularly remove all trash from your pavement, and paint over any markings on walls. Also notify police and security if you find any irregularly placed objects or markings.
  • Take note that many criminals have access to the phone numbers of particular premises. In events whereby they need to check and see if anyone is home they simply phone the home or business phone. They can then plan attacks based during times where they believe the home will most likely be empty.
  • Smaller home invasions in estates and complexes still get carried out. By gaining entry to the complexes via weak perimeter boundaries, invaders are actually brave enough to approach targeted houses and knock on doors. Because of the perceived safety within estates owners often open their doors, giving the invaders access to homes where they steal small valuables and electronics.
  • Car theft has also reached new heights, and tailing drivers of valuable cars from main roads is the popular technique used by hijackers. As drivers approach the driveway to either their homes or businesses they are often ‘blocked in’ by the hijackers in another vehicle. The hijack then takes place, or they may go as far as making a home invasion from this point, as the victim is vulnerable and entry to the home or business is easily executed.
  • Businesses are often victims of invasion of a different kind. Criminals will usually approach the business premises under the guise of being prospective clients, members of a meeting, or even a courier. They are usually given access at this point, after which they can rob the premises of its valuables.

Some of these South African crime trends have been used for many years by criminals, but these methods are also the exclusive modus operandi for most of the more recent crime spates. Make sure you look out for tell-tale signs, and inform police or security companies of any new developments that you believe may indicate that a crime is taking place. If you are looking for a better answer to the question of crime in South Africa, then why not protect your property, commercial or residential, with South Africa’s premier electrified barrier fence. Contact ElectroMesh for more information.

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