Shopping Centre Security

South Africa is becoming a crime haven; a place where criminals feel safe in the knowledge that they can do what they do best with minimal interference. Most criminals ply their trade in residential areas where they have the ability to steal a family’s assets with little to no challenge, and it has even become uncommon for criminals to show acts of extreme violence. This common-place crime is a sign of a community that has been overexposed to criminals.

Where residential burglary has become a symbol of almost non-violent, criminal oppression, criminals are still exacting extreme violence in public spaces when they choose to rob places like retail centres and banks. Instead of calmly approaching banks and shopping centres criminals tend to shoot first. Government’s inability to clamp down on both residential as well as commercial robberies means that these crimes have increased, and shoppers as well as retail/commercial workers are increasingly vulnerable to injury or death caused by criminals. For this reason shopping centre security has been improved drastically.

  • To ensure shopping centre security most shopping centres are fitted with vehicle barricades like booms and card-controlled access. This system not only helps limit the amount of car-jackings but it also allows security to control access points to the shopping centre.
  • Banks often employ their own security personnel that work in concert with centre security, giving them additional surveillance when threatened.
  • Shopping centres often outsource armed reaction from a number of well-trained and expert private armed reaction companies. They respond quickly to call-outs and provide a measure of lethal resistance to aggressive criminals.
  • Shopping centre security utilizes visual surveillance systems (CCTV) that are constantly monitored for suspicious individuals, and record any crimes that take place.

However, shopping centre security often relies on walls, fences and conventional electric fences to protect the perimeters of shopping centres. While booms and gate security may restrict the access of vehicles, this system does little to prevent a criminal running away from a commercial centre. For the best perimeter security system to ensure the finest shopping centre security , make sure you use ElectroMesh. With the venom of a traditional electric fence, and the barricade of a steel-mesh fence, ElectroMesh can secure any retail centre in South Africa. Contact us today!

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