SAPS Going Back-To-Basics

A lot of the inconsistencies and internal administrative troubles experienced by SAPS has actually been a result of a bureaucratic overload in the service. The South African Police Service (SAPS) found that a lot of issues regarding the gathering of evidence, forensics and prosecution was a result of the services being split across three separate departments. This, it can be imagined, caused an administrative nightmare, but acting police chief, Lieutenant-General Khomotso Phahlane is here to ‘simplify’ the police force.

Investigations, forensics and the intelligence into organised crime was separately performed by detective services, forensic services and crime intelligence. This contributed to misinformation, delays in investigations and general administrative failure that contributed to the failing standards of the South African Police Service. Since the previous senior police head, Phiyega, stepped down during her suspension, Phahlane has filled the position’s role adequately. The interim chief has a history of administration and personnel management and he seems to be putting his expertise to good use.

A management intervention unit is being formulated to take on the roles and responsibilities for all three forms of intelligence and investigation. This will cut down on the administrative difficulties and ensure that investigations run smoothly by personnel who are sharing tasks and roles within the same office. Making sure that the unit will perform all three tasks will be most difficult, but if performed successfully the investigative capabilities of SAPS will be streamlined and refreshed, which is good news for South African citizens’ safety and security.

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