Office Security Essentials

When it comes to ensuring the safety of both the staff and assets of the business, there are a few tools that may prove to be invaluable in creating a formidable security system.

  • CCTV: By placing video cameras and televised recording in your offices, you can seriously damage the aspirations of potential criminals. CCTV cameras are noticed by criminals in their surveillance of potential invasion targets. A CCTV system will assist the police in their investigation if an invasion has taken place, increasing the chances of an arrest. Any strange behavior may also be noticed by the business owners if they regularly analyse footage, and then action can be taken by security contractors if such behavior persists.
  • Siren: In the instance of an invasion or burglary a siren may be triggered, either automatically by sensor detection systems, or remotely by a staff member. A siren will notify all those present and nearby that an intrusion is taking place. This will either prompt investigation from bystanders or security, and may even cause the invaders to run away.
  • KeyCard Access: By having key-card controlled access points to the office or work-space, you can limit the amount of movement by the public into the office. Any visitor will require an existing and trusted staff member to open for the visitor. This security method will stop any ‘unwanted’ individuals from gaining access.
  • SteelDoor Walk-In Safe: In South Africa, a steel-door walk-in safe is the best tool in ensuring staff security. In the unfortunate incident of invasion, staff can lock themselves within the ventilated walk-in safe, protecting them from intruders that may potentially use aggressive/harmful tactics.
  • Electrified Barrier Fence: Walls are proven to be security hazards rather than effective measures. This is because invaders are hidden behind walls, just as much as you and your company assets are. A barrier fence is superior in this regard, still providing the usual barrier security, but with additional high-visibility advantages. An electrified barrier fence may be the ultimate security tool, as a viperous bolt of electricity is moved along the perimeter barrier fence, stopping any who may want to gain access to the premises by climbing it.

Make sure that your business is ‘armed’ with these office security essentials for the best office security system, stopping any and all who may want to cause you and your staff harm. If you are searching for outstanding electrified barrier fence suppliers, then look no further than ElectroMesh. Contact us today!

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