Managing your Stafix energizer

So you’ve recently installed your ElectroMesh fence, and a brand new monitor and Stafix energizer have been installed. When ElectroMesh installs the famous ElectroMesh fence we will always ensure that the new electrified barrier fence owners understand how their monitors and energizers work, and they will also have access to operation manuals for these ingenious bits of equipment.


It is not unusual for new ElectroMesh owners to forget a few helpful and important tips that are required to maintain and operate your ElectroMesh fence and its attached Stafix energizer. Make sure that you print out this list of tips so that they are easily accessible when operating your JVA/Stafix energizer.

  1. If your fence has both a keypad as well as control input, then it will consider the last input by either methods. Take this into consideration when turning the fence both on and off. Eg. If the fence was powered on by control input, then powered off by keypad afterwards, the fence will be turned off.
  2. If any zone 1 or zone 2 LEDs are flashing on the energizer, then something is wrong with the energizer or the fence. The fault must be considered urgently.
  3. If the fence alarm turns on, the siren will sound and a strobe light will flash. However, after a set amount of time, the siren will turn off but the light will keep flashing. If you enter your property with the light flashing but the siren turned off it means that the alarm has been on for longer than the siren timer.
  4. Change your pin by entering old pin, typing *0# then enter your new pin followed by # and then *# to complete the change.
  5. If the power turns off, then the standby battery will be operational. In this case the power light on the LCD will turn off. When the battery runs too low on power it will start to flash. Three quick flashes and an interval will mean that the battery is short of power and a replacement is necessary.
  6. Silencing the alarm will not disarm the system. The alarm will come on again if there is a further breach or tampering.

Make sure that your ElectroMesh fence is always perfectly maintained, and that your Stafix energizer and its monitors are in working order. If you are experiencing any problems with regards to your ElectroMesh fence and its energizers or monitors, then don’t hesitate to contact ElectroMesh today.


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