Electric Fence Maintenance

Your ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence works impeccably. It is the ultimate deterrent to the most quick-witted and daring of intruders and securely keeps all your assets out of theft’s way. But you are looking for more than just a fence with cutting-edge monitoring and electronics. You want a fence that stays competent for the long-run; a fence that will continue working for years to come.

ElectroMesh fences are already made from some of the most robust materials creating a tough and hardy electric fence, but we can ensure that your ElectroMesh fence remains that way invariably. ElectroMesh recommends that when you buy ElectroMesh make sure that you preserve an electric fence maintenance schedule with us. The fence maintenance schedule is designed with the intention of ensuring the long-term effectiveness of your electrified barrier fence, and provides the following:

Quick response to all urgencies and issues regarding the ElectroMesh electric fence
Inspection of fence panels, mesh and electrified wires, as well as uprights and insulators
• When applicable, inspection of anti-burrowing measures as well as gates and entries
• Inspect the ElectroMesh fence energisers
• Inspect the monitoring of the ElectroMesh fences
• Test sirens and alarms
• Cut back and/or monitor vegetation growing along the ElectroMesh fence

ElectroMesh Electric Fence Repairs

ElectroMesh prefers to be proactive rather than reactive. ElectroMesh fence maintenance ensures that your fence will last longer without any damage. However there may be uncontrollable instances whereby the ElectroMesh may be damaged and/or suffer from wear. When there is a need for repairs ElectroMesh may be contacted and we will arrange for a team to respond to your call-out and repair your fence promptly.

ElectroMesh electric fence repairs are made quick-and-easy because of the fence’s unique design. Panels are easy clipped onto each other using special tools, and a repair is as simple as removing a panel and replacing it with a new one.


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