Intrusions in the Mining Sector

Existing security on mines does a sterling job of restricting access of criminal gangs, large scale robbery and criminal violence. However, a persistent problem is that of intrusions and petty crime.

Mines are arranged in such a way that there are often prefabricated offices and telecommunication ‘outhouses’ on mine properties along various intervals and often quite a distance from each other. Because mining properties are so big, a few of the telecommunication offices are isolated, and security has to monitor such a large property it is often impossible to monitor everywhere at once. Criminals take advantage in these cases, and businesses are often required to replace wireless networks, computers and other electronics.

There have been cases in the past where diamonds, gold and platinum concentrate have also been pilfered by criminals, often after violent attack by armed criminals. As stated above these instances are rare, but such crime is often a result of prolonged investigation by criminals that have gained access to mine property from an insecure boundary fence. Both instances of crime could be prevented had there been a better security system on mine property boundaries.

Electric fences for mines are often three meter tall fences with interspersed supports and insulators. Although they do help securing mine properties, they often require being reinforced by steel mesh fences that are more of a solid barrier on mine perimeters. Electric fences for mines are therefore vulnerable to the more committed criminal.

The best electric fences for mines are not the conventional ones. At ElectroMesh we believe that a strong barrier fence is definitely required, and that an electrified barrier fence goes one step further in ensuring superior protection. Because mines are expected to protect very long and wide boundaries, an ElectroMesh fence is most capable of securing the property while also being the most cost-effective measure. By relying on a single contractor, mining companies are assured a strong barrier fence coupled with the electrified venom of an electric fence. If you’re looking for electric fences for mines, look no further; you’ve found ElectroMesh. Contact us today for a quote.

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