Because of ElectroMesh’s light and practical design, installation of the fence is quick and easy. Quick installation means less time worrying about the fence’s erection, less time worrying about your property’s safety, and less time worrying about the well-being of either your family and/or assets.

The installation procedure is complicated, but not for a pair of professional craftsmen. Firstly, holes are dug at regular intervals and along the designated boundary. These will serve by holding the uprights, which will be stabilised with a concrete anchor. With the use of a pneumatic stapler panels are joined to the uprights, and hence to each other. Lastly, the intricate issue of installing the wires and connecting the electronics is all that is required to complete your impressive and resolute ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence.

Our anti-burrowing fences involve the insertion of a single,or even double, panel below ground, and running along the same lines as the fence. A concrete plinth, approximately 300mm deep and 400mm wide is then planted at the base of the ElectroMesh fence. The anti-burrowing option can be customised for the job at hand. Whether you require just the concrete plinth, or a single panel, or a double panel as well as the concrete plinth is completely up to you. Every site will need to be assessed beforehand in order to determine terrain, soil composition and vegetation in order to give an accurate quotation.

Can I install my own ElectroMesh?

Unfortunately not. ElectroMesh is an innovative electric fence coupled with the stoutness of a barrier fence, and therefore not only is its design highly specialised, but its installation is too. Anything short of precise and accurate installation would make the fence ineffective. But not to worry; the team at ElectroMesh are naturally the best in their trade.

In addition, there are strict rules and statutes in place concerning the installation of electric fences. Because of the potential lethality of electrified fences, the installation of electric fences is strictly controlled by authoritative officials. A Certificate of Compliance is needed by installation professionals as stipulated in Electrical Machinery Regulations that fall within the Occupational Health & Safety Act, and all SANS requirements are fulfilled by both installers as well as the fence itself.

Fortunately ElectroMesh have all the required certificates and permits, and our ElectroMesh fences fulfill all the regulatory requirements. ElectroMesh may also be installed by any competent electric fence installer that has the correct certification. ElectroMesh is a supplier of ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence parts which may be assembled externally.

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