How ElectroMesh Can Protect Your Farm

Our previous blog highlighted the problem regarding farm invasions in our agricultural regions within South Africa. ElectroMesh understands that farmers are vulnerable to attacks and robberies as they are often isolated, far away from police presence, and they often do not have the necessary security systems in place to protect them from future attacks.

But ElectroMesh can¬†be the answer to many farmers’ problems. While most farming communities look to electric fence for farms to secure their property boundaries, ElectroMesh is better suited to this task. Here are a few reasons as to why ElectroMesh can offer the farmer better protection than an electric fence for farms.

  • An electric fence for farms is almost as vulnerable as the farmer himself. A farm electric fence operates in secluded boundaries of the property boundary, and it is here where trespassers can use one of many concealed methods of trespassing an electric fence without triggering farm alarms. ElectroMesh’s charged lines run through the fence itself, offering monitoring along the lines of the whole fence rather than just the top of the fence.
  • An electric fence for farms is usually mounted on top of a boundary fence or wall. This means that trespassers may cut the fence or break through the wall without triggering any alarms. Because ElectroMesh’s wires are built within the frame of the fence, doing this is impossible without being flagged on ElectroMesh’s monitoring network.
  • ElectroMesh fences work alongside Stafix’s monitoring solutions. Already suited for use on an electric fence for farms, Stafix electronics allow the farm owner/manager to know where intrusions or disturbances are occurring along the lines of their boundaries.
  • The farming community is already under financial strain, and some cannot afford an electric fence for farms, but ElectroMesh offers financing options for all clients that allow them to pay for their ElectroMesh fence on a pay-to-own basis.

If you are looking for an electric fence for farms, you should be considering ElectroMesh instead. Find out more information on ElectroMesh by contacting us today.

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