How An Electric Fence Installation Works

As South African’s we’re all too common with the electric fence installation, but not everyone understands how they work. Electric fences are security features that ensure we remain safe in our homes or at work, restricting access to criminals and opportunists who endeavour to steal our assets or even harm us. Here’s how this amazing technology works:

The best way of explaining how an electric fence installation works is by starting at the core of the system. The ‘heart’ of an electric fence system is the energizer. An energizer converts electricity from either the mains or from a battery into a high voltage pulse. This pulse will be sent out at intervals into the attached wire terminal. Most modern energizers will have digital monitoring devices attached to them for the user’s benefit.

As with any electrified pulse, it will travel along a metal wire fence between any point and the place in which the wire is grounded or earthed. This completes a circuit from the energizer to the earth or ground rod. The ground rod is a metal rod of varying length and makeup depending on the type of electric fence, and will conduct the electric pulse.

The electrified wire or fence itself can be made up of varying thicknesses or types of wire. Sometimes barbed wire is used, and even palisades can be electrified. ElectroMesh uses a thick stainless steel wire for making the electrified barrier fence. To prevent the fence from shorting before the volt reached the ground (or the criminal) insulators are used to hold the wire in place. Plastic insulators are used in most modern applications. Any other way of directing the wire would cause a short, which is why vegetation cannot be allowed to grow near the fence. The ElectroMesh wire is almost built into the frame of the fence, with special built-in insulators holding the wire in place.


And there you have it. Altogether, that’s basically how the electric fence installation works. Better than a normal electric fence installation is an electrified barrier fence like that offered by ElectroMesh. Our fence acts as both a physical barrier and an electrified deterrent. Our electric fence installation can be used in a number of formats, but is most at home protecting assets on commercial properties such as farms, offices, mines, shopping centers¬†and factories.

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