You want the best security package to help you secure all your valuables and assets? Now you know ElectroMesh electrified barrier fences are the answer. But you’re concerned about the costs involved, and you are truly anxious over the burn this may make in your pocket!

Not to worry! ElectroMesh protects your property as well as your wallet. ElectroMesh uses less material than the normal mesh fence and electric fence combination. This means that the costs of manufacturing and installing your ElectroMesh fence are drastically reduced.

Monthly Installments

ElectroMesh will also be able to compose a payment scheme with all our valued clients. By paying for your mighty ElectroMesh electric fence by monthly instalments, you are certified a powerful security system without having to break your bank. Full maintenance and repairs to fence, energiser and monitoring systems will take place during the requested lease-agreement period.

ElectroMesh approaches all our clients with an open-book policy regarding the financing of their electric fences. By evaluating your budget we can come up with an all-inclusive and turn-key package that will fulfill all your requirements, and we will ensure that there are no hidden costs and fine-print pitfalls.


Our monthly instalment payment scheme is intrinsically a rent-to-own scheme. Consider the instalments as a rental agreement with one very important distinction. When your monthly payments fulfill all the required financial obligations the fence then becomes your own prided property!

This transparent rental agreement may be switched at any point to a full ownership when your budget allows. ElectroMesh will perform all necessary maintenance and repairs during the rental agreement period.

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