Farm Attacks On The Rise

According to a recent news article there has been as many as 150 farm attacks that have taken place this year, with an associated 44 murders. These recent crime statistics prove that farm attacks have been steadily increasing in frequency each year, making farmers an incredibly vulnerable sector of society.

Many believe that the farming sector should be one region in which more police presence must be made. According to an Afriforum report¬†the farming sector is especially important because of its contribution to the economy. With over R170 billion inclusion into the country’s GDP, the farming community is rightly perceived to be an important economic community within South Africa.

With so many farm attacks taking place, there has been a steady drain in agricultural expertise as farm owners and managers are beginning to use their skills in other countries, many of them relocating to other African states. And the drain is being felt all across the country as GDP growth in the agricultural sector has been gradually receding every year. What may be a ‘push’ factor with regards to the farming ‘exodus’ is the rate in which farming invasions are violent in nature. With such a high percentage of farm invasions leading to murders, the violence is leading many farmers to question their choice in career.

There needs to be heavier police presence in agricultural areas in order to protect the farming community. Farmers are often isolated, and therefore very far from the closest town or police station. Police patrols within agricultural areas will limit the number of loiterers and petty criminal activity, which ultimately leads to fewer planned farm invasions. However, this cannot be done until the government pays the farming community significant attention. Until then the farming community will continue to use private security to organize a heightened state of security, costing them a significant portion of capital.

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