ElectroMesh Electric Fence Maintenance

Ensuring that your ElectroMesh electric fence is properly maintained is the most important task for an electric fence owner. But (luckily for our clients) ElectroMesh can do all the maintenance for you. Our comprehensive ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance will ensure that your fence is working at an optimum, and that you can be assured of your home or business’s security. Our ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance service is made up of a few essential tasks to ensure your fence works properly.

  1. Our first task is to physically check every panel. We check for cut or damaged steel mesh, and damage or tampering of electrical wires. We also test the stability and rigidity of the upright supports, and check the base of the fence to ensure that there has been no attempt at burrowing.
  2. The physical inspection is followed by a bit of physical maintenance that involves removing any vegetation that may damage the fence or impact the fence’s ability to work properly. This also helps prevent cases where trespassers have used trees and bushes to climb over electric fences.
  3. The next step of ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance is to check on the electric fence monitoring system. This may point out issues with the energizer that the energizer display might not communicate properly.
  4. We then take our time evaluating the efficiency of the energizer; is the energizer working correctly, or are there faults that have either been notified by the energizer, or picked up from inspection. The energizer is the most important part of the electric fence, so ensuring that it works correctly is of the utmost importance.
  5. After the energizer has been inspected, a test of the alarm and electric fence may begin. At this stage sirens and alarms are tested and measured, as well as the notification of security services.
  6. If all measures are passed, the electric fence can be considered well-maintained.

If you are interested in finding out more information about ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance, contact ElectroMesh today, and we can can help you install, maintain and repair your brand new electrified barrier fence.


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