Electric Fence Repairs After Rain

January seems to be quite a rainy month here in the Highveld. It seems that the presence of the el-Nino caused drought at the beginning of the summer, and now near flooding in January. Unfortunately, the heavy rains bring many problems and issues, not least of all the damage it causes on home and business infrastructure. Electric fences, as well as electrified barrier fences, sometimes experience faults and failure after the occurrence of rain.

Why does rain cause electric fence faults?

Water has a reaction with electric fences that causes arcing. The arcing from the electric fence to a particular object near or on the fence causes that well-known ‘tick tick’ sound. Arcing is actually the fence shorting,¬†and both drains from both the voltage that carries along the fence and can potentially damage the energizer as well as the fence’s battery.

When there is heavy rain, the weight of the water can cause the collapse of vegetation that lies close to the fence either onto the fence or close enough to attract a charge and, therefore, cause arcing or shorting. If there are small faults with the fence, caused by normal wear and tear, then the water will create the shorting between either the fence and a faulty bracket, or the fence and a faulty insulator. Take a walk along the fence at night, after rains, and head to where the ‘ticking’ appears loudest. The shorting spark will identify where your problem lies.

If there is vegetation causing the arcing, then you can easily sort out the problem yourself. If there is a large presence of vegetation then make sure that you disconnect the fence from the energizer. Allow the fence to short out (so that you don’t get a nasty shock surprise), then cut back the vegetation so that it no longer impedes.

If the electric fence or electrified barrier fence shorting is caused by a faulty part of the fence, then make sure that you call out an experienced fence maintenance specialist to do the repairs. If your ElecttroMesh electrified barrier fence requires electric fence repairs due to shorting, contact ElectroMesh at the soonest moment. We’ll send out a team to assist you.

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