Christmas Crime In South Africa

Christmas isn’t all “Yohoho” and reindeers in South Africa (although a reindeer would probably die in South Africa’s Christmas heat). Christmas, to many people in South Africa, is also a time of crime. Christmas crime, as we affectionately call it at ElectroMesh, is the period in December when crime statistics show an increase in violent home invasions, business robberies and petty burglaries. But why does Christmas crime occur?

  1. As the weather gets warmer, and the Christmas festivities begin, South Africans move their socialising outdoors. When we prepare our braais and sundowners we are exposing ourselves to Christmas crime. We leave our doors open, and our relaxed moods often allow criminals to take advantage.
  2. South African’s, especially Vaalies (people from Johannesburg and Pretoria), like to go on holiday. When we pack our bags and hit the coast we leave our homes uninhabited and vulnerable to Christmas crime. Criminals are quick to notice vacant homes, and they use this time to ply their trade willingly.
  3. Christmas crime is also a result of financial strain on criminals. Unfortunately, many of South Africa’s poor and downtrodden turn to petty crime when times are tough. As families require food during a time when very little work is available, petty criminals get to work, committing burglary in both homes and businesses.

Make sure you protect both yourself and your homes and businesses from Christmas crime:

  • Ensure that you always stay aware of crime and criminals. Christmas should be a time of relaxation and celebration, but one should never forget that criminals are about.
  • Make sure that you properly secure your home when going away on holiday. Alert neighbours to the fact that you’re not around, and make sure that you contact your security company and ask them to ensure that the premises are safe on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that your electric fences are in optimum working condition.
  • If you own a business or large property, then you may want to consider getting a more secure option to that of the conventional electric fence. ElectroMesh’s electrified barrier fence provides the perfect security solution in these instances.

Contact ElectroMesh today if you wish to keep your business safe from Christmas crime. Offering both the installation and maintenance of the celebrated, cutting-edge ElectroMesh fence, your assets will be safely protected while you enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

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