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How An Electric Fence Installation Works


As South African’s we’re all too common with the electric fence installation, but not everyone understands how they work. Electric fences are security features that ensure we remain safe in our homes or at work, restricting access to criminals and opportunists who endeavour to steal our assets or even harm us. Here’s how this amazing […]

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Farm Attacks On The Increase


Farm attacks and invasions seem to be on the increase in 2016. This comes after a brutal farm attack that took place this week when an elderly couple in Zululand were savagely murdered in their homes. Farm attacks have been plaguing the farming community in South Africa for decades, but since the turn of the […]

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Affordable Electrified Barrier Fence


The beginning of the year is always a trying time for consumers. Being cash strapped after the Christmas season often means that we are forced to forgo a number of luxuries. No eating out, no special outings, no purchasing those items you and your family don’t really need. 2016 will be especially difficult for everyone, […]


Crime In The New Year!


Happy New Year everybody! We would just like to thank all the readers for their continued support, and to our loyal customers we only hope that your relationship with ElectroMesh helps you and your family/business/assets stay safe! 2016 shows a lot of promise, but just because it is a new year it does not mean […]


ElectroMesh Electric Fence Maintenance


Ensuring that your ElectroMesh electric fence is properly maintained is the most important task for an electric fence owner. But (luckily for our clients) ElectroMesh can do all the maintenance for you. Our comprehensive ElectroMesh electric fence maintenance will ensure that your fence is working at an optimum, and that you can be assured of […]

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Why You Need More Than Electric Fences in Johannesburg


Johannesburg is, without a doubt, the crime capital in South Africa. South Africa, in turn, is the crime capital of the world. Our crime rate is so high that it actually has a serious detrimental effect on our country’s democracy index rating and the human development index rating. With crime in Johannesburg so rampant, homeowners […]

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What Makes A Criminal?


Crime in South Africa is rife! Some criminals are opportunists, operating as criminals due to their nature to not comply to the norms of society. These criminals are often suffering from psychological issues. However most criminals often find themselves pursuing a life of crime due to circumstance. With so much crime in South Africa it […]


Terrorism in South Africa: Are We Vulnerable?


After recent events abroad it seems as though all countries have hurried to protect their borders as well as their societies from the indiscriminate violence perpetrated by religious and militant extremists. Terrorism is a method of achieving political goals, and it is an act of violence mainly directed toward the public. Terrorism can come in […]

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Shopping Centre Security


South Africa is becoming a crime haven; a place where criminals feel safe in the knowledge that they can do what they do best with minimal interference. Most criminals ply their trade in residential areas where they have the ability to steal a family’s assets with little to no challenge, and it has even become […]

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Managing your Stafix energizer


So you’ve recently installed your ElectroMesh fence, and a brand new monitor and Stafix energizer have been installed. When ElectroMesh installs the famous ElectroMesh fence we will always ensure¬†that the new electrified barrier fence owners understand how their monitors and energizers work, and they will also have access to operation manuals for these ingenious bits […]