Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – The Need for a Modernized Protection Methodology

In today’s unpredictable times, fences and barriers are crucial to any company’s facility and asset protection system. At ElectroMesh, our protection experts can diagnose sensitive areas vulnerable to pilferage threats, where our customised monitored electrified barrier fence gets the job done.

When the foundation for various force–multiplying strategies is placed, our barrier emplacement can

  1. Control movement through facilities.
  2. Prevent picket lines from disrupting your operation.
  3. Protect shipping areas.

These three areas of operation can only be protected by erecting an effective, monitored and  robust fence harbouring a mindset that favours protection methodology. Another facet of this methodology is not going for cheaper options. Here’s why.

More often than not, the facility designer will opt to erect a  non monitored mesh fence due to its inexpensive nature, familiarity and ease of installation. Unfortunately, these solutions aren’t enduring in a high–security application and have several flaws:

  • They are easy to climb. These non-monitored mesh fences can serve as human feet and handholds.
  • Their fragile nature. Standard mesh fences can be cut, so without much planning or cost, criminals can trespass with ease.
  • The industrial–like appearance. A fact that many business owners overlook is keeping the aesthetic integrity of their business intact. Mesh fences are functional as a basic barrier solution, nothing more and nothing less. 

Manufacturers of mesh fences have recently offered some add–ons to mitigate weaknesses, such as barbed wire on the fence top to decrease the chances of criminals scaling the boundary. However, to heighten standard mesh fencing security measures, one would have to install an additional electric fence to support the mesh boundary fence. This means two fences

an energizer and fence testing tool

At  ElectroMesh, we offer a potent high voltage electrified charge as well as a monitored galvanised welded mesh fence in one single format. This full security–fencing package offers a security solution that is heavy–duty, robust, effective and aesthetically pleasing that will protect your critical assets. 

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