5 Security Tips For Protecting Staff

As an entrepreneur or business owner in South Africa you must be constantly aware of the possibility that you as well as your business’s staff may potentially be attacked or, at the very least, harassed at the place of work in the event of a robbery. Living in a society with some of the highest […]


How To Check An Electric Fence For Faults

No, the answer is not to hold onto the electric fence and wait for an incapacitating shock. That would not be the best way of checking for an electric fence fault, even if it may prove effective. No, the best way of checking for an electric fence fault is to get your hands on a […]


What Makes ElectroMesh The Best?

So some may be thinking; why ElectroMesh? Why can’t I just use any other electric fence manufacturer in Johannesburg or the rest of South Africa for that matter? What makes ElectroMesh a superior electrified barrier fence, and why is ElectroMesh the preferred electric fence supplier? Well, fortunately, we have a few reasons for these pertinent […]

Thank You For Choosing ElectroMesh

Welcome to the official ElectroMesh blog! We’d just like to formally welcome all visitors, and also give our heartfelt thanks to those who have chosen ElectroMesh as their preferred security solution. Make sure to follow ElectroMesh on Facebook, Twitter¬†and LinkedIn. We will be posting any new information, news, helpful hints and tips, as well as […]