shopping security

Shopping Centre Security

South Africa is becoming a crime haven; a place where criminals feel safe in the knowledge that they can do what they do best with minimal interference. Most criminals ply their trade in residential areas where they have the ability to steal a family’s assets with little to no challenge, and it has even become […]

JVA energizer

Managing your Stafix energizer

So you’ve recently installed your ElectroMesh fence, and a brand new monitor and Stafix energizer have been installed. When ElectroMesh installs the famous ElectroMesh fence we will always ensure¬†that the new electrified barrier fence owners understand how their monitors and energizers work, and they will also have access to operation manuals for these ingenious bits […]

christmas crime

Christmas Crime In South Africa

Christmas isn’t all “Yohoho” and reindeers in South Africa (although a reindeer would probably die in South Africa’s Christmas heat). Christmas, to many people in South Africa, is also a time of crime. Christmas crime, as we affectionately call it at ElectroMesh, is the period in December when crime statistics show an increase in violent […]


Intrusions in the Mining Sector

Existing security on mines does a sterling job of restricting access of criminal gangs, large scale robbery and criminal violence. However, a persistent problem is that of intrusions and petty crime. Mines are arranged in such a way that there are often prefabricated offices and telecommunication ‘outhouses’ on mine properties along various intervals and often […]

electric fence

How Criminals Bypass Electric Fences

As homeowners and business owners it is our responsibility to protect our own property from being pilfered by the greedy criminals that pervade South Africa. One method that we regularly employ is installing electric fences on the boundaries of our properties, and although they have served us well, electric fences are regularly bypassed by criminals. […]

home invasion

Are Residential Estates a Target For Criminals?

South African’s are under the ruse that safety within residential estates will prevent them and their homes from becoming the targets of criminals. Because people become complacent about security, they forget to secure their houses adequately, leaving their properties open for criminals. This makes them soft targets, and criminals in South Africa know this. Criminals […]

mielie field

How ElectroMesh Can Protect Your Farm

Our previous blog highlighted the problem regarding farm invasions in our agricultural regions within South Africa. ElectroMesh understands that farmers are vulnerable to attacks and robberies as they are often isolated, far away from police presence, and they often do not have the necessary security systems in place to protect them from future attacks. But […]

sad farmer

Farm Attacks On The Rise

According to a recent news article there has been as many as 150 farm attacks that have taken place this year, with an associated 44 murders. These recent crime statistics prove that farm attacks have been steadily increasing in frequency each year, making farmers an incredibly vulnerable sector of society. Many believe that the farming […]

shield and sword

Office Security Essentials

When it comes to ensuring the safety of both the staff and assets of the business, there are a few tools that may prove to be invaluable in creating a formidable security system. CCTV: By placing video cameras and televised recording in your offices, you can seriously damage the aspirations of potential criminals. CCTV cameras […]


South African Crime Trends

South Africa is a haven for crime and civil misdemeanors. The country’s socio-political and economic climate has allowed many to live a life of crime where they can steal and pillage their way to a source of income almost unchallenged. There is believed to be more than 700 residential burglaries everyday. This horrific statistic is […]