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electric fence installation

How An Electric Fence Installation Works


As South African’s we’re all too common with the electric fence installation, but not everyone understands how they work. Electric fences are security features that ensure we remain safe in our homes or at work, restricting access to criminals and opportunists who endeavour to steal our assets or even harm us. Here’s how this amazing […]

SAPS Going Back-To-Basics


A lot of the inconsistencies and internal administrative troubles experienced by SAPS has actually been a result of a bureaucratic overload in the service. The South African Police Service (SAPS) found that a lot of issues regarding the gathering of evidence, forensics and prosecution was a result of the services being split across three separate […]

rainy electric fence

Electric Fence Repairs After Rain


January seems to be quite a rainy month here in the Highveld. It seems that the presence of the el-Nino caused drought at the beginning of the summer, and now near flooding in January. Unfortunately, the heavy rains bring many problems and issues, not least of all the damage it causes on home and business […]