Are We Facing An Impending Round Two of Insurrections?

According to security experts, South Africa is possibly on the brink of another round of insurgency that is likely to spread to other provinces this time around. Not only are we approaching strike season, but we are crippled by the rise in fuel prices while being constantly left in the dark by Eskom.  

And let us not forget Zuma’s upcoming trial in August, which is the exact catalyst that caused the  2021 insurrections.

 If the revolts of last year showed us anything, it is that we weren’t prepared for insurgency attacks and that people had an insatiable appetite for violence, looting, and plundering of any kind to get their point across.

This begs the question, what is one to do? Protect our businesses and properties against these onslaughts as best we can. Ultimately, this is our livelihood!

An ElectroMesh fence protecting a warehouse

What do I need to protect my Business?

It’s time South African businesses revert to self–preservation mode and protect themselves against any possible future attacks. Perimeter fence security is your first line of defence. Electromesh combines two trusted and conventional security systems.

A potent high voltage electrified charge and a low voltage monitoring system. It is an electrified and robust welded mesh barrier fence merged into one powerful all–in–one security system that is easy to install, requires low maintenance and provides you with state-of-the-art security. 

​​Businesses need to be vigilant when it comes to protecting their assets, especially in today’s climate, whether it’s people or physical property. Installing an electrified security barrier fencing system is one step that can help deter potential insurgents and criminals from targeting your business.

The experts at Electromesh have the expertise necessary to provide you with the best protection possible. Contact us today for solutions and expert advice on how to secure your business premises.