Are Residential Estates a Target For Criminals?

South African’s are under the ruse that safety within residential estates will prevent them and their homes from becoming the targets of criminals. Because people become complacent about security, they forget to secure their houses adequately, leaving their properties open for criminals. This makes them soft targets, and criminals in South Africa know this.

Criminals are aware that a home within a residential estate is less likely to have security bars and security gates. Those living within gated communities and estates are also more likely to leave doors and windows wide open, basically welcoming an attack/robbery. Owners and residents themselves are also less vigilant of potential threats, and the general lack of awareness gives criminals the much needed freedom within estates.

But we know that residents are less likely to employ security measures in homes on residential estates, but how is it that criminals get into residential enclosures so easily? Well…

  1. Criminals gain access by climbing remote perimeter security fences and perimeter electric fences. Big estates have perimeter fences that are so remote that they are far from wary eyes.
  2. Residential estates also have many security guards, maintenance staff and cleaners. Yes, security guards may increase an estate’s security, but every additional personnel means one more ‘inside’ contact that criminals can work with to gain entry to the property.
  3. Large residential estates have ample room for criminals to hide in.
  4. Once inside a residential estate criminals can generally roam freely, and gain access to many properties within.

Homeowners within residential estates need to employ security measures to protect themselves and their assets. Furthermore, residents must maintain relationships and communication with both neighbors as well as existing security. Residential estate security fences are sometimes ill-fitted to carry out the job of protecting the multitude of homes and families that are huddled within.  For this reason residential estates should employ a superior security fence, like the electrified barrier fence option provided by ElectroMesh. If your residential estate needs the best in perimeter security measures, then contact ElectroMesh today!


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