Affordable Electrified Barrier Fence

The beginning of the year is always a trying time for consumers. Being cash strapped after the Christmas season often means that we are forced to forgo a number of luxuries. No eating out, no special outings, no purchasing those items you and your family don’t really need.

2016 will be especially difficult for everyone, considering the South African economy’s appalling performance. It is important that every family draw up their own budget, and discuss their spending and saving with a financial adviser. Additionally, it is important that we pay tax, but you may be paying too much. Make sure that you benefit from tax deductions from monthly payments towards a retirement annuity or medical aid. Speaking of retirement, it’s about time that we all started saving a little more money. Commit to a savings portfolio and reap the benefits of investment. And make sure you check and double check your insurance, medical aid and life cover. You could be paying too much for a service that you don’t need and will never use.

We can all afford to save money around the house, and keep wastage and unnecessary spending to a minimum. But we can’t forgo our investment toward our personal safety and the safety of our families. It is important to ensure that our assets remain safe as well. Business owners need to make sure that in a country like South Africa we are insured for theft and/or fire. We can also assure our protection from theft and home/office invasion by investing in security devices like electrified barrier fences and alarms.

The ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence is the perfect security device for your home, farm, office, factory or retail park. Combining the deterrent force of an electric fence with the barrier of a mesh fence, the ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence is your best protection from theft and/or invasion. Thankfully our electrified barrier fence is affordable for all. Our financing scheme will allow you to ‘rent-to-own’ your own electrified barrier fence, paying a minimal monthly installment until the cost of the fence is fulfilled. Not only do you buy an electrified barrier fence, but you also buy the ElectroMesh standard of work with full after-sales servicing and fence maintenance.

If you want to protect your business and home, then why not get in touch with us today!


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