5 Security Tips For Protecting Staff

As an entrepreneur or business owner in South Africa you must be constantly aware of the possibility that you as well as your business’s staff may potentially be attacked or, at the very least, harassed at the place of work in the event of a robbery. Living in a society with some of the highest rates of crime compared to the rest of the globe, South Africans need to introduce a few safety methods in the work-space so that the business becomes less of a target, and staff remain safe in the unfortunate occurrence of an attack. So, here’s a list of 5 top security tips for protecting staff and yourself. 

  1. Make sure that staff keep all their valuables away from their person, preferably in a secure locker. In the event of an attack, attackers may be diverted from assaulting staff for cellphones, wallets and other valuables, and will rather turn their attention elsewhere. Not enough small businesses practice this important method of keeping their staff safe, especially in those businesses that are particular vulnerable ie. open to the public.
  2. All businesses should invest in a camera monitoring system. A closed-circuit system, with the permission of the staff, would allow business owners to monitor staff activity, preventing petty theft, and it may also help to dissuade an armed robbery.
  3. Make sure that the business is amply dotted with silent alarm buttons that staff may use to notify security of an intrusion or an attack. This feature will give the staff peace of mind, and will result in a rapid armed response.
  4. Tell staff to be wary when entering or exiting their place of work as this is when assailants are most inclined to begin their attack. An employee will give them entrance to the premises by force, so staff need to be aware of their surroundings and take note of any loiterers.
  5. This is the most important security tip for your staff; in the event of an attack no staff, under any circumstance, should respond with force. Trespassers and attackers are often armed, and they can be extremely violent. Staff should accept any attackers demands, and follow attackers instructions carefully and slowly. There are very few cases whereby people have been harmed in the event of an attack where they responded diligently to attackers’ orders.

Make sure that you and your staff are protected. Ensure that you follow these 5 top security tips and they may keep you out of harms way if you fall an unfortunate victim of crime in South Africa. If you are looking for a comprehensive security deterrent, then contact ElectroMesh and enquire about our uniquely superior ElectroMesh electrified barrier fence. With the venom of an electric fence, and the buffer of a barrier fence, ElectroMesh will go a long way to protect you and your assets from harm.

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